• Turkey Science Centers


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    Various Cities in Turkey

    Role: Museum Architect and Planner for International Science Centers; Led team of exhibit designers and fabricators (West Office Exhibition Design and Maltbie)

    Status: Projects not yet awarded. Pending Government approval.


    In 2012/2013, Verner Johnson was invited to submit design proposals for many new science centers in major urban centers in Turkey. Working with Turkish scientist and educator Melih Yalcineli, Managing Principal Brad Nederhoff made many trips to Turkey to present these concept designs to representatives of various Turkish cities and regions. These presentations included building designs, site and exhibit concepts, budgets and schedules. The Turkish government had set up a funding mechanism that allows federal funds to be utilized for the science exhibitions within each new science center. Each Municipality would be responsible for funding the buildings and operating the facilities.

    Each of our proposed design concepts have been developed to specifically respond to their sites, their local amenities and cultures, as well as the specific subject matter that best pertains to their region. Consequently, each design is unique and tailored to fit its particular set of criteria and circumstances.

    For some of these proposals, we teamed with exhibition designer, West Office Exhibition Design and exhibit fabricator Maltbie. They worked with us to develop exhibition concepts that fit seamlessly with the building and site designs.

    Improving science education is a major goal of the federal and local governments in Turkey. These new science centers will increase science literacy. VernerJohnson enhances these goals by creating special places that inspire and educate current and future generations.

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