• The Franklin Institute

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    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Role: Architect for Renovation and Historic Preservation; lead team of engineers and specialist consultants

    Program: Multi-media presentation in a renovated historic rotunda, transforming its use as a special events space and exhibit area, including adjacent lobby and support areas

    Area: 10,000 sf

    Status: Opened in 2008

    Description: This project included the renovations of Franklin Hall and the main entrance foyer space, Jordan Hall. Franklin Hall, a National Memorial housing a 30 ton marble statue of Benjamin Franklin, is modeled after the Roman Pantheon. All existing surfaces – marble, bronze and acoustical plaster – were cleaned and restored to conservation standards. New dramatic lighting was introduced, providing ultimate flexibility for lighting the memorial, creating special exhibit effects, and for rental events. We re-introduced controlled natural lighting into Franklin Hall and provided acoustical surfaces, critical for the new exhibit multi-media show and the well-functioning use of the Hall for banquets and lectures.

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