We help create special places that educate and inspire.

    For more than thirty-five years, Verner Johnson, Inc. has been helping our clients plan and design innovative and successful museums. Museum planning and design have been our unique specialty, resulting in more than 200 projects in our portfolio. Our projects have included every type of museum, and have ranged in size from 7,500 to 1,250,000 square feet. Our international work includes projects in Europe, Hong Kong, China, India, Dubai, New Zealand, South America, and the Caribbean, with clients including the Smithsonian Institution, for whom we provided planning and design services for over 20 years, the Louvre Museum in Paris, and the Urban Council in Hong Kong. Recently, we have begun several large museum projects in India.

    Collaborative Approach

    Our overall approach is based on assembling the best team of museum specialists, local architects and engineers to precisely fit the needs of each client. We find that the best museums come out of a well-balanced collaboration between the client’s team, the design team and the construction team. When everyone is fully engaged, a powerful synergy emerges. Many times, initial expectations and assumptions morph into deeper and more far-reaching outcomes.

    Proven Success

    The breadth and depth of our collaborative experience has given us a detailed understanding about how museums really work. We apply this constantly evolving knowledge to the planning and design of each new project. Working with our clients to explore new possibilities, innovative solutions are discovered and implemented. As a result, many of the museums that we have planned and designed are among the most successful and highly attended in the world.

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