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    Verner Johnson, Inc. is a specialist museum architecture and planning firm dedicated to serving the needs of museums. As a newly-trained MIT architecture graduate, E. Verner Johnson founded the firm in 1965 with the major expansion to the Museum of Science in Boston. After many years of successful educational, library and public works projects, the firm reorganized to specialize in museum planning and design in 1978. Since then, we have focused our practice in the museum field, offering comprehensive services that museum leadership will need as they move their project from initial stages through completion.

    Our Staff

    We maintain a core group of highly experienced museum architects and planners in our Boston office. As current project needs evolve, we pull in the optimal teams of specialist consultants, local architects, engineers and exhibit designers to fit each situation. This allows our leaders to be thoroughly involved in each project throughout all phases. We are large enough to handle any size museum project, but small enough to provide personalized service. Our turnover rate has been extremely low, resulting in a highly experienced professional staff with an average of 20+ years of museum experience. Verner Johnson retired from the firm in 2008 and has since passed in 2017. Brad Nederhoff has successfully managed and led the firm since 2008, building upon the foundations established by Verner’s innovative leadership.

    Harvard and MIT Connection

    Currently, three of our key staff members have received their Masters degrees from Harvard University and one has received a degree from MIT.